Meal Breakers

As those of you who are familiar with our work know, cultural sensitivity is considered an important element in everything we do.  Beyond giving our clients an advantage socially or in business, understanding cultural variations in customs can be quite entertaining.

A few cultural tidbits:
To start …“tidbits” are called “titbits” in the UK – both are small morsels!
When served a whole fish in Poland, don’t turn it over – superstition leads them to believe the fisherman’s boat will also flip!
In Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, it is considered rude to look at a fellow diner’s plate.
 Many cultures use hands to eat – never use your left hand as it is considered un-clean. Always eat with your right hand.
Never give clocks as gifts in China. They are associated with death.

Do your research before you engage with other cultures!  Feel free to share your cultural experiences here. What Canadian cultural oddities exist?


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