It’s a Wedding!

People frequently ask us what to wear in specific social situations. Our answers depend on so many different factors – what is the activity? where is it taking place? what time of day? during which season?  and so on.  With the wedding season here these are a few of our suggestions for that particularly special occasion …

First of all, avoid wearing white. Some people are touchy (especially the mother of the bride) about anyone other than the Bride wearing white. Then consider where the wedding is. Read the invitation carefully – often the dress code will be clearly stated. If not, look for clues to the tone of the event which can help you make appropriate wardrobe decisions.  If the invitation is in flowing engraved black script on a heavy cream paper with formal language odds are the wedding will be similarly formal. If it asks you to come see them get hitched, you should look for a nice casual outfit – long pants, capris or walking shorts worn with a blouse and flats would work (this means no jeans and flip flops!) If it’s an evening wedding in the city, dress for black tie; if it’s a daytime wedding in Hawaii, a flirty sundress; if it’s a 3:00 am wedding in Vegas, anything goes!  When a wedding is set outdoors avoid wearing anything that will get caught in the wind – you won’t want a battle of wills between the wind and your modesty!  Also, avoid stiletto heels which can sink into the sand or grass – wedge heels are a great alternative. Should a wedding be in a hot location avoid the suit and go for a breezy dress to help keep you cool.

On any special occasion it’s nice to show up and make a statement. Although the statement should be “Wow”, not “Whoops” at weddings be careful you don’t commit the ultimate crime – upstaging the bride!

Most of all, have fun and go easy on the champagne! But that’s a whole new topic – stay tuned for next week’s entry!


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