Shady Talk

Unlike miniskirts or skinny jeans, your accessories – your shoes and bags, your scarves and sunglasses – don’t care if you gain twenty pounds.  They never betray you, and they’ll make you feel better about yourself.  They can even pull an outfit together for you.

Shade is quite en vogue these days.  Your sunglasses or “shades” spend all day telling others how cool, fun, elegant and sophisticated you are.  They help you update your wardrobe without you having to spend a ton of money.  They offer you the opportunity to express your personal style.  What are they asking in return?  Just to keep them clean, in good condition and to wear them on the right head (shape that is).

As with everything you wear on your body, choosing the right shape is essential for the most flattering fit.  First, figure out your head shape.  Frames should wrap your face comfortably.  You know you’ve gone too small if you feel pressure at your temples and you may have gone too big if light is leaking in from every angle and you find yourself adjusting your glasses frequently.

Rectangular shaped sunglasses work well for round faces while oval shades flatter square faces. Oblong faces will look best under triangle frames and heart faces beg for styles that are wider at the bottom – aviators may be a good choice.  If your face is diamond shaped look for straight square shapes.  If it’s triangle shaped, look for square shapes with a strong line and emphasis on the top of the frame.

This year, embrace styles that are big, bright and bold with a retro feel.  Aviators still remain strong options.  The color of the frame is a detail you can have plenty of fun with – red, turquoise, orange, burgundy, slate or white, all can add punches of style to your look.

And before you leave home …  Are you wearing a suit with sporty shades?  Or heading for a run with those Chanels on your head?  We didn’t think so! Your shades should complement your outfit and be appropriate for the occasion.

Speaking of running…Interest in performance-oriented sunglasses has gained momentum in recent years, along with outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, golfing, etc.  Make sure you are reaping the benefits of the sport-appropriate styles and technologies.

As perfectly well suited to your face, your wardrobe, the occasion they may be never forget to remove your shades when engaged in a conversation. Your sunglasses might look fabulous but we still want to see your eyes when we have a tete a tete!


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