Pantyhose or No Pantyhose?

Summer is just a few days away and once again many women are trying to balance a professional look with hot weather comfort. This struggle is most frustrating when it comes to deciding whether to wear pantyhose or not – most women dread the idea! During Michelle Obama’s appearance on ABC’s The View last June, a pantyhose discussion sparked a debate among millions of female viewers; of all the topics discussed women everywhere were most engaged in deciding whether The First Lady was right in her decision not to wear pantyhose.

On the show, Obama told Barbara Walters that being so tall, she doesn’t like to wear them: “I stopped wearing pantyhose a long time ago because it was painful,” she said. “Put ‘em on, rip ‘em, it’s inconvenient.” Most women would tend to agree with Michelle Obama but it is interesting to review what studies have shown: In an office environment, those women who wear pantyhose with closed toe shoes are repeatedly seen as being more credible and more influential than the women who prefer bare legs. All guides to appropriate business dress call for hosiery worn with closed toe shoes but is this changing as per Michelle Obama’s example … So, pantyhose or no pantyhose? What do you say?


2 Responses to “Pantyhose or No Pantyhose?”

  1. January 11, 2010 at 10:43 am

    I have worn pantyhose since I was 12 or 13.And I love pantyhose.I wear pantyhose daily.Except fort he occassional day in the garden,playing tennis,etc.Even though I am now a stay at home mom,I still wear dresses,or a top and skirt,I like to dress semi-professional.I haven’t worke din the professional fields,in a few years.

    When I was working,I worked for a hosiery company.So,I can understand the complaints.But,the complaints are easy to fix.I think most women hate pantyhose,because they are constricting.hot,etc.And it is understandable.But,most of these complaints are easy to fix.If women would get the right size,style,and brand that better fits them,then they wouldn’t hate pantyhose as much.

    I think pantyhose are 1 of the sexiests articles of clothing we have in our wardrobe.So,if you got it…weear it!A sof last count, I have over 100 pairs of pantyhose.

    So,go hosing.And love it!

  2. 2 theimagebuilders
    January 12, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Wearing the right pantyhose (the right size, color and style) is indeed essential. Personal preference and lifestyle are things to consider as well. But for the office,’go hosing’ is a great motto -even in the summer! Thanks!

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