Grammar Tips



An important part of image is one’s attention to correct use of expressions and grammar. Here are some handy guidelines for English usage.


  1. Between you and me, not you and I. Between you and me, I think she is the smartest.
  2. Between two people or things but among many. He had to choose between this blue shirt and that red one. He had to choose among many stores.
  3. Regardless not irregardless.  Regardless of how much he studied, he always did well.
  4. Loose means not tight. Lose is to misplace.
  5.  Not could of, would of, should of but rather could have, would have, should have. He should have studied harder!
  6. Amount refers to quantity – what a huge amount of cake batter!  Number refers to several items that can be counted – What a huge number of cakes!
  7. Fewer refers to numbers of things while less refers to an amount.  There were fewer cakes than before because we used less batter.
  8. All intents and purposes. Not all intensive purposes.
  9. A lot never alot or allot.
  10. It’s a moot point not a mute point.

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