Working Out Your Etiquette – Gym Manners



We’ve heard tell of a gym that has a member so smelly a number of fellow gym-go-ers are seeking other venues for their workouts.  Common courtesy and good grooming are just as important, if not more so, in the workout environment. Here are a few considerations:



  1. Dress in clothing intended for working out and be sure that it is supportive, freshly laundered, and neat.
  2. On the “freshly laundered” note, be sure your gear doesn’t harbour lingering odours and that you aren’t concealing stinkiness with perfumes or aftershave which can be just as offensive.
  3. Bring your music but don’t play it so loudly as to be heard by the person on the machine next to you.
  4. Noise pollution can also be in the form of loud, extended gossipy conversation. Be conscious of being too chatty in the gym.
  5. Grunting also fits in this category. Loud grunting can be distracting at best and alarming at worst!
  6. Respect time limitations on machines, particularly during busy times. Most gyms have a suggested time frame posted and sometimes signup sheets.
  7. If you are waiting for a machine, avoid hovering. Personal space is particularly important in a gym and lurking only serves to make others uncomfortable.
  8. Free weights should be returned to their designated spot on the storage rack when you are finished.  Weight machines should be returned to a neutral setting.
  9. Only fill your water bottle at the fountain when others are not waiting. If there is a line forming then fill enough to tide you over then move to the end of the line and finish adding water.
  10. Always wipe down the machines with the towels and sprays provided. Using your own sweaty towel does not serve the purpose. All towels should be returned to a hamper, if provided, and not left behind on machines or the floor.
  11. Please stay home if you are feeling ill or contagious in any way! 

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