It’s On Sale!


Sign of the times or not, the summer sale is everywhere.  Unless you avoid temptation by never actually leaving the house, it’s best to strategize…or swear to never put foot in a store just because it has a big red ‘sale’ sign.  If you do decide to give into temptation, understand what your personal style is before you go out and only visit stores that reflect who you are.  Preparation is your best tool; make a list, have a goal, figure out what elements you most need in your wardrobe before any shopping excursion.  Buy basics, not trendy pieces and be warned that most pieces on sale now will be the trendy ones people left on the racks during the spring season.  Still, summer is a great time to pick up wardrobe staples such as tank tops, a white blouse, white pants or capris. These will work this summer and next.  Soon, most sale fashions will be the smallest or largest sizes.  Don’t feel you have to squeeze into something just because it is on sale.  Only buy items that pair well with at least two items already in your wardrobe.  July is the perfect month for scoring a deal on summery skirts and tops.  Avoid buying anything you wouldn’t pay full price for and make sure it makes you feel like a million bucks!

But wait! Before you go hunting for those hot bargains stay tuned next Friday to see what’s ‘cooking’ for fall! We’re talking’ fall trends!


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