Kid Courtesy Counts!

j0262237 You sputter as you watch your son slurp his spaghetti through gaping teeth, letting the   loose ends linger and dangle like stalactites for the sheer benefit of the reflected horror in your eyes. Gosh,  it only seems like yesterday that you were bonding in Urgent Care over the pea up his tiny toddler nose … Teaching our children manners can be a long and sometimes arduous road. Tempting as it may be, whatever you do, don’t give up – even when the preaching, the nagging, the pleading becomes so repetitive you yourself aren’t listening to you anymore!

Studies abound proving again and again how important first impressions are – how they significantly influence decisions made about a person throughout his or her life and career, even from a very early age.  Finding ways for your children to understand the unwritten rules, the codes of conduct, and the subtleties of social communication will be the best gift you ever give them.

 In the end it’s not that they know which fork or spoon to use, it’s that they know so well that they can forget to worry about the flatware and concentrate on just being themselves, making the most of any situation they are in. Your reward will not just be in watching your children manoeuvre through a meal without emergency intervention, it will come when you overhear them confidently chatting with a shopkeeper or respectfully introducing themselves to a grandparent’s friend without your prompting.

 They will thank you – maybe not tomorrow and maybe not in a handwritten note (though they should know how!) but years from now after their first sports team billeting experience, when they land a coveted summer job … or when their future in-laws comment on how pleased they are to welcome such a gentleman to their family.  Your tireless efforts will be appreciated – guaranteed. Have faith!


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