Working on Etiquette – Office Manners

Executive search firm The Ladders conducted a survey of some 2000 US executives and concluded the following results released in April 2008 …

When asked to rate the worst affronts to office etiquette, survey respondents selected the following:

1. Eating someone else’s food from the fridge (97.8 percent)
2. Bad hygiene (95.6 percent)
3. Bad habits (88.2 percent)
4. Drinking on the job (85.7 percent)
5. Wastefulness with paper (82 percent)
6. Cooking smelly food in the office microwave (74.1 percent)
7. Sneaking peeks at the BlackBerry in meetings (63.5 percent)

Any surprises on that list? Any etiquette offences you didn’t see but have observed?


2 Responses to “Working on Etiquette – Office Manners”

  1. 1 boxoffice
    July 15, 2009 at 1:02 am

    waiting nearby for someone to finish a phone conversation
    looking on someone screen uninvited
    being late at meetings
    leaving used plastic cups (water/coffee) in cafeteria or on any desk including yours

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