Leaving on A Jetplane … air travel etiquette


Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

We’ve spoken about being prepared for a stylish and relaxed trip … now we will address a few of the “speedbumps” along the way which can impede our relaxed progress. Here are a few plane tips for courteous travel:
1. As always, but especially in a confined environment, grooming and personal hygiene are essential … but taken care of before boarding. The goal is a fresh, clean smelling passenger, not one who reeks and sees fit to clip fingernails or apply perfume on board.
2. Headrest abuse: It is understandable that one seeks stability if up and about during a bit of turbulence but please try to avoid jostling, leaning, or propelling oneself down the aisle on other’s headrests. Fellow passengers don’t appreciate being interrupted, woken or worse, catapulted.
3. Do not listen to music so loudly that you interfere with your neighbour’s ability to read or listen to something of his or her own audio preference.
4. Treat the flight attendants politely even when there has been a misunderstanding – they will be more likely to treat you well in response.
5. Always speak with your seat mate in quiet tones so the entire airplane isn’t privy to your conversation.
6. Avoid prolonged conversation with your seatmate – not all travellers are keen on chatter with strangers. Respect his or her privacy – do not peer at reading material or laptop screens.
7. Do not overload or use more than your share of overhead storage space – do not distribute your goods throughout the plane either. Respect hand luggage guidelines for comfort AND safety.
8. Be a considerate recliner – when you recline, do so slowly so as not to surprise the person behind you, injure them, or bump a laptop or drink. If you are looking up into the person’s face, you have reclined too far. Judge how far you’d be comfortable with the person in front of you reclining to determine how far back to go. Err on the lesser side.
9. Plan your bathroom breaks so as to prevent frequent interruption of your neighbours. If you anticipate several trips to the bathroom during your trip, please book an aisle seat.
10. Avoid stampeding at boarding – no one will be left behind if they are in the waiting lounge.

Feel free to “air” your thoughts and share your in-flight faux pas list with our readers ….


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