Random Acts of Courtesy!

Remember a number of years ago there was a movement afoot called Random Acts of Kindness? I’d like to put forth a new concept, Random Acts of Courtesy! This summer, my kids and I have observed the courtesies listed below. We hope you’ll help start a “courtesy crusade” by adding to the list and encouraging others to as well. It’s a fun activity with kids and the things they notice will surprise you! There is so much negative in the news these days, we’d like some of the news to recognize the good that is happening too. Perhaps it will inspire even more courteous behaviours!

1. A driver kindly waving an acknowledgement and thanks to the flag person standing in the heat directing traffic through inevitable summer road construction.

2. A pedestrian, not even intending to cross the street himself, pushing the cross walk button to change the light for the cars hesitantly inching out to cross so they may do so more safely.

3. A shopper with a buggy-ful of groceries inviting the person behind with only a few items, to go through the check-out first rather than having to wait.

4. A fellow slowing his pace to walk across the street with an elderly woman who was slow in crossing and clearly anxious that the traffic light would change and she’d be trapped alone in the street.

5. A patron in the coffee shop offering exact change to the new cashier so that she didn’t have to nervously struggle with making change.

6. A number of people who made the effort to hold the door open and wait for the next person to go through.

We’re keeping our eyes open and look forward to welcoming you and your observations to our Random Acts of Courtesy movement! Pass this on and share your comments.

Top hat polite


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