Commuter Etiquette

Vancouver's New "Canada Line"

Vancouver's New "Canada Line"

Here in Vancouver we have a new commuter train system which has me thinking of the etiquette of public spaces – train doors, elevators, escalators, stairwells and so on.  We’ve all found ourselves in awkward situations when passing through these portals so here are a few tips to smooth your way.

  • Stay right!  Whenever approaching a staircase, think like a driver and get your caboose to the right. Climb on the right side and descend on the right side. When everyone stays rights then collisions are avoided and traffic flows smoothly.
  • The same rules apply to escalators but be sure to remain standing at the right side to allow a passing lane to be used to your left. Keep briefcases and umbrellas and bags close to you or held in front so as not to block the way of those who chose to climb rather than ride.
  • When approaching the doors to an elevator or a train, step aside to allow the disembarking passengers to exit first. When the exodus has occurred, you can get on without panic. If you are the disembarking passenger, be sure to be prepared for the stop or floor and be swift in your exit to allow others time to board calmly.
  • Once inside the elevator or train carriage, be sure to move as far in as possible to allow room for those following behind.
  • If you are wedged against the call panel in the elevator be sure to ask others if you can push their floor button for them.
  • As in any public space, be aware that your conversations whether on a mobile phone or with a companion, are likely to be overheard.  Be discreet and respectful of noise levels.

Have a happy commute today!


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