Bad Manners on Broadway! Hugh Jackman calls out cell phone call

Just the other day we were observing how respect for special occasions (the theatre, ballet, movies, concerts … ) seems to be diminishing. Today the head lines are focusing on Broadway and Hugh Jackman’s management of a cell phone interruption to his performance.

I’m sure all cell phone users have had the unfortunate experience of forgetting to turn off the phone in a group setting; it should be very embarrassing. I say “should” because of the arrogance we’ve observed when some people apparently feel no shame whatsoever. Cell phones have been around long enough now, as have the signs and messages requesting they be turned off, that there really is no excuse for an errant disruptive ring. Though clearly annoyed, Jackman remained composed and polite – showing great patience even when the phone rang again. I don’t know about you but taunting the Wolverine seems a bit risky to me! Make it a habit to turn off your phone whenever its ring might be considered disruptive whether it be while having coffee with a friend or attending a special function or meeting.

Now about recording Broadway performances on your video camera …


2 Responses to “Bad Manners on Broadway! Hugh Jackman calls out cell phone call”

  1. September 30, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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