A Man’s Bulletproof Closet

The modern man’s wardrobe has more demands than ever before – despite the relaxation of the formal dress code rules and the trend toward casual attire. Business clothes now encapsulate multiple interactions, from meetings and luncheons to social gatherings in the evening. So you want most importantly, to have a bulletproof set of clothes, great basics that meet your needs, as well as the coordinated accessories to pull your various looks together.

men wardrobe


Here are some quick tips on a bulletproof professional wardrobe:

 – dress to emulate the successful men in the group in which you work
 – be up to date – dress for the times
 – wear good quality clothes
 – don’t wear flashy or inappropriate neckwear
 – keep your clothes clean and well pressed
 – avoid novelty fashions
 – ‘simple’ solutions last the longest and cost the least –   invest in classics


As to what a simple business wardrobe should contain, here is a list:

– Navy blue suit – the heart of any man’s wardrobe. Own enough suits so they can be effectively rotated. However many, go with quality over quantity.

– Black leather belt – it goes with just about everything.

– Black leather shoes – lace-ups are suitable for business and even formal
affairs. Wear with dark dress socks.

– White shirt – the oxford-cloth cotton shirt is suitable for almost all

– Dark blazer – the most versatile piece in a man’s wardrobe.

– Gray flannel slacks – they make the transition from business to casual.
Aim for several pairs.

– Khakis – also called chinos, they can be worn almost everywhere (except at the theatre!)

– Black socks – be sure they are long enough!

– Solid dark tie – another wardrobe essential.

– Overcoat – look for a classic cut in a perfect fit.

– Briefcase – there will never be a bag big enough for all the paper in your life, so pack only as much as you can work on.


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