Greetings in a Time of Influenza … updated!

hockey handshake   Since our May 7th blog entry on this topic   https://theimagebuilders.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/courtesy-to-become-a-curtsy/   the H1N1 flu virus has continued to be a distressing topic in both international and local news. Our tongue in cheek suggestion that distant curtsying may be the greeting of the future is a little closer to becoming reality. Policies relating to personal greetings have been drawn up in a number of amateur sports organizations: it is now stated that young hockey players remain glove-handed when involved in the customary end of game skate-by handshake. Soccer players and even Olympians in many sports are subject to anti-handshaking policies and will be expected to elbow bump rather than grip bare palms.
The Emily Post Institute recently conducted a poll asking “In the coming weeks, will you change the way you greet people socially and in business situations due to concern over the spread of the H1N1 flu virus?”

The responses were categorized as follows:
• 12% Yes. I’ve decided to stop shaking hands.
• 63% No. I’m not that worried. It’s awkward to NOT shake hands.
• 25% I haven’t decided yet. I’ll wait and see what happens.

Some good news is that handwashing has increased in frequency and remains an important ritual of which to be conscious. Once again, at The Image Builders, we stress the importance of courteously acknowledging others no matter how you choose to greet one another. A big smile is always seen as a favourable non-contact option!


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