Is Talent Enough?

Susan Boyle Before

Susan Boyle After

 Makeover by Harper’s Bazaar

Back in April 2009, when Susan Boyle was on the stage telling the audience that she would like to be as successful as Elaine Paige, nobody took her seriously. However, when she started to sing, everyone stood up applauding.

Why didn’t the judges and the audience believe in her ability before she sang?
It was very obvious that her appearance and body language didn’t match with what she had said according to the audience’s point of view. The poor appearance prolonged the time of acceptance. This also prolonged the time of her success in life. Having such an outstanding voice for so many years, why couldn’t she make it faster to the entertainment industry? What made her wait for 47 years to be successful…?

Managing our image from the inside out  is important. The congruency will earn us trust from people and new opportunities in work and life.


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