New Moon Manners – movie theatre etiquette

Very few of us are in the dark when it comes to the excitement surrounding the hugely successful Twilight series of books and movies. The release of New Moon, the second film in the saga on November 20th, is dominating headlines worldwide and lines of fans will be forming outside theatres in eager anticipation.

After the movie there will inevitably be animated chatter and lively discussion of the newest twists and turns in the tale. There will also be complaints. Yes. Complaints about the offensive and rude behaviour being shown by exuberant theatre-goers who have tainted the experience for other viewers.

A Movie Manner Primer for review before heading to New Moon or any other of the new Blockbusters of the season:

1. Remain in your seat. Unless nature calls urgently, plan to stay glued to your seat for the duration of the film.

2. Enjoy your snacks quietly. Arrive early enough to have most of the noisy scrunching and tearing of packaging done before the opening scenes. Loud slurping of drinks and open-mouthed chewing or gum snapping is rude wherever you are. Don’t think that the dark gives you permission to abandon those manners.

3. At the end of the show make an attempt to gather all your garbage and drop it in the bins provided outside the door of the theatre. Though there are crews dedicated to tidying once the theatre is empty, it is still important to clear the path so others won’t have to trudge knee-deep through your waste as they make their way out.

4. Should someone need to pass in front of you to reach his or her seat, stand to let him pass. Don’t create a jungle gym for others to scale on their way by.

5. Most important, while the movie will no doubt be filled with great drama and plenty of opportunities for swooning always keep in mind that others are trying to hear the dialogue and to enjoy the movie themselves. Feisty squeals, cat calls and high pitched giggling are not welcome when they become annoying and disruptive. It isn’t possible to rewind a movie to hear what you’ve missed.

6. Enjoy the company of those who’ve joined you at the movie but keep your chatting to before and after the event. Talking and even whispering can be as irritating as loud noises.

7. Modern cinema seating is usually quite comfortable and the rows are fairly spacious. Please avoid draping your legs across the seat ahead of you. Do not tap your foot on the back of the seat in front, even if the soundtrack is dance worthy. Grasping the seat in front of you with both hands as you go to get up or when you are overcome with excitement will inevitably anger the person seated in front of you.

8. Most movie theatres issue a reminder before the movie reel asking that cell phones be turned off. Texting should also be avoided. The light shining from your cell phone can be a distraction to others.

Have fun and savour the atmosphere but do remember how your behaviour can impact the experience for others, in a good or bad way. Make it good!


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