Seasonal Savvy – Party Etiquette & Making the most of your Holiday Image


"Mad Men" Holiday Party


Corporate Entertaining

  •  The holiday season is an ideal opportunity to build morale and camaraderie through special events.
  •  Provide name tags if clients are in attendance or several departments are joining together.
  •  Always be certain guests have been introduced to one another. Protocol indicates introductions are always made to the most senior person but most important is that they are simply always made regardless of protocol.
  •  Keep any toasts light and entertaining – warmhearted.
  •  The host of the party should always provide a clear dress code.
  •  Be aware that corporate events are still business. All behaviour will be judged very carefully – for better or worse!

Role of Guest

  •  Respond (RSVP) to invitations promptly.
  •  Be on time – or early. Never late. Do not linger at the end of the evening.
  •  Know the dress code and have dressed appropriately.
  •  Bring a token gift of appreciation.
  •  Do not overindulge.
  •  Be a good conversationalist but avoid hot topics – no religion, politics, campaigning …

Mastering the Mingle

  •  Name tags are worn on right shoulder as most clearly in sight line when shaking hands.
  •  Always stand for introductions.
  •  Approach others standing alone – they will inevitably be relieved and receptive but …
  •  Avoid being a crutch for someone who is crippled by fear – even if they are your very best friend! Inevitably you will be associated with their weakness.

Recovering from the Big Blunder

  •  If you spill on another person, offer to have their soiled clothing professionally cleaned.
  •  Any disaster is a test of character and your reaction will be observed as such.

How to Be Memorable

  •  Establish your own personal brand. Be distinctive. Be present and engaging. Ask well considered and interesting questions.
  •  Participate in and contribute to group conversation in meaningful way.
  •  Follow up with at least an e-mail thank you to your host- a handwritten thank you note on quality notepaper (such as Crane’s) will be even more impressive … and distinctive.

… and HAVE FUN!


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