Table Manners Refresher – Dining Etiquette tips in Time for the Holidays!

A few dining tips to ease you through the holidays:

Do take small bites and try not to speak with your mouth open.

Do drink and eat – separately. No swishing!

Don’t push plate away at end of meal.

Don’t put your elbows on the table or lean on the table. Tables do flip.

Don’t lean back on your chair. People do flip.

Don’t wave your flatware in the air, even if your story is really exciting.

Don’t pick your teeth at the table.

Do excuse yourself to go to the restroom to manage grooming issues. (See previous point)

Leave your napkin on your chair if excusing yourself from the table during the meal.

Do make an effort to try everything served and avoid bringing attention to your personal food dislikes.

Do pass salt and pepper together. They are often used together and this keeps them close to one another.

Do not leave your spoon in the bowl or cup. Place it on the side of the plate.

Do not be loud or raucous. Be considerate of other diners.

Do break off a small mouthsized bit of bread before buttering. Eat the bread piece by piece.

Rest your cutlery between mouthfuls. Learn and use the “rest position”

Do spoon away from you when eating soup.

And most importantly enjoy the conversation and Do relax!!!

For you visual learners … Dine with us on youtube:


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