Customer Service and Restaurant Culture in “Waitress for a Week”

Much of our work at the Image Builders (cultural awareness training, dining skills, social and business etiquette, personal presentation …) is vital to successful customer service. An article in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail newspaper is a perfect illustration of the prevalence and importance of these issues – and entertaining reading at that! The Globe’s restaurant critic, Alexandra Gill, gamely steps up to explore life on the other side of the dining experience.

Enjoy reading Alexandra’s story of her experience as a waitress for a week at Cioppino’s in Vancouver and then consider the points raised by The Image Builders below:   Waitress for a Week

1. Cultures are not only associated with nations or ethnicity; work environments have clearly defined cultures as do families, schools, neighbourhoods, teams … this becomes very clear when one enters into a new environment and looks for hints on what is considered appropriate behaviour.

2. Consider the diners in this article and then ponder your own dining persona. Does the image perceived by others match the image you think you’re projecting?

3. Non-verbal communication is even more expressive than verbal as this description of a Prima Donna patron shows: “…she yawned through my description of the specials, huffed because there wasn’t any salmon on the menu and shoved her plate off to the side before her date had finished eating.”

4. A kind word, patience and a respectful approach always make a positive impact.

This was a great article and will hopefully contribute to some enlightenment and awareness among diners … and beyond.

Read more about Image and perceptions  in a previous blogpost: Projected vs. Perceived Image


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