Summer Hemlines


With the warm days of summer fast approaching it seems a good time to discuss legs as they will be seeking a bit of fresh air after a long winter of being clad in tights and skinny denim.  Specifically, let’s talk about how much to cover or reveal of those legs while factoring in age appropriateness.

In the  Fabulous at Every Age column in the April 2010 edition of Harper’s Bazaar, the following questions were posed and answered:

When is short too short? What hemlines at what age?

Microminis are fine or those in their 20s; midthigh lengths work for thirty-somethings. But once you hit 40, aim for just above the knee. That measure can carry you through just as long as your legs do.

At what age should you stop wearing short shorts?

Once you graduate from college, pack ’em in. As for city shorts, which hit above the knee, this look has legs for any age, as long as they are paired with a smart menswear-inspired jacket or a long cardigan for a tailored, finished feel.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 51 has been quoted as saying, “I can’t wear a skirt that’s too short any more. It’s not that my legs are bad, it just looks silly. I feel less pressure to dress youthfully. I’m in my 50s and everyone knows I’m in my 50s.” 




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