Behaving at the Beach

The sun is shining and the heat waves are reverberating … time to hit the beach! And time for a refresher in Beach Etiquette …

  • Respect personal space and be sure to leave adequate space between your “camp” and your neighbours’.
  • Be conscious of the scenery and avoid blocking the view for others.
  • Avoid casting shadows onto sunbathers.
  • Be careful of kicking or spraying sand downwind onto your neighbour.
  • Keep voices and music at a respectful level – noise pollution is among the most irritating.
  • Dress appropriately. Naked is fine for a nudist beach but at family beaches, cover your bits adequately!
  • Keep tidy.  Windy conditions can be challenging but keep your papers and wrappers contained. Follow the rule of pack-in-pack-out. Go further and do a litter scout – help leave the beach cleaner than when you arrived.
  • Do not bring glass to the beach.
  • No smoking. This has become law at many beaches.
  • Use the provided facilities when “nature calls”.
  • Respect the beach and its ecosystem – admire and enjoy but leave creatures where they’re found.  Do not disrupt natural habitats.
  • Be aware of  how and where you play – keep your kite, your frisbee, your football, your small children, your splashing, away from others.
  • Be safe!

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