Bikini or Bust

Every single day we wake up and have to make a very important decision. What is the first thing we are going to put on? Have you ever thought of your underwear as a component of your personal image? Yes, it is worn under your clothes and no one can see it, but your lingerie is more than a bare necessity. No matter what the time of the day, it has to be comfortable, of good quality and stylish – even if you’re the only one noticing!


Your everyday, core lingerie doesn’t show, doesn’t move around and it’s comfortable enough to make it through your work day. It should include plenty of nude, white and black bras and panties.


Before planning your outfit, check weather you have the right pieces to wear under it. Make sure that your choices remain invisible and opt for a bra that converts to all necklines. Don’t forget a few lightweight shapewear pieces!


Visible Panty Lines

In a recent study, 51.3% of the women surveyed said that visible lines are the major panty issue. To avoid it, wear a microfiber shaper that will smooth your silhouette top-to-bottom. You can also choose  seamless thongs or panties that don’t press the skin.

Thong Offenders

As much fun as low-rise jeans may be, visible thongs are not! First of all, wear a very low rise to keep them undetectable.  Try a style that is trimmed with wide stretchy lace bands or a microfiber fabric that won’t ‘cut’ into the flesh but will stay discreet.

White Pants Panties….

Always opt for a nude-colored panty – ideally a thong. Definite no-no’s: dark colors and white on white.


The Right Fit

-Measure your chest to find the best band size. Secure the measuring tape low and snug at the back.

-Test whether the underwire surrounds and supports your breast. You know that the cup size is too small when the wire pulls away from the body.

-A new bra should feel a little snug at first- it will become looser as the Lycra relaxes.

– Accept your true cup size.

– If your weight fluctuates by five pounds, it’s time to refit the bra.


Consider your lifestyle and wardrobe needs before deciding on the style of your bras. Do you need a strapless bra, a sports bra and a bustier? Do you need a full-cup bra, a push-up bra or a plunge bra? For more styles, go to http://www.breasttalk.co.uk/bra_styles.aspx

Bra Makeover

Here is the difference between a properly fit bra and the wrong bra….

(image courtesy of http://www.myintimacy.com/)

Bikini or bust, don’t overlook the underthings – they can increase your comfort, your confidence, your posture and health and your overall image!








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