Men’s Autumn Essentials

As the air turns crisp but not yet cold and the temperature can vary widely in the course of a day, our clothes also transition and have a spirit and and a texture all their own. We always say that fall clothes are the meat of our wardrobe, the spine of our closets and  the best we own!

This season men will need transitional pieces as everything comes out of the storage: sweaters, flannel shirts, coats and wool scarves.

Men’s Autumn Essentials List:

SWEATERS – Embrace the warmth!


In most places, it’s sweater season. Men need several, especially in smoothly knit wools. Cashmere is best because it is light, not bulky and warm enough for cool days but not so warm that you can’t survive the Indian-summer sun.  For a relaxed but dressy look,wear a V-neck, a cardigan or a polo sweater with a shirt and a tie at the office. A turtleneck will keep you wed but arm, lengthen your neck and create a chic look.

JACKETS – Explore and experiment


Opt for a waist length outer jacket in either gabardine or tweed. Tailored jackets are great for layering with elements from the casual wardrobe as well. For example, a tweed jacket can be combined just as well with a plaid flannel shirt and jeans as with a cashmere sweater, dress shirt and suit trousers. Casual jackets are also a part of the mix: leather or suede jackets – key fall fashion pieces – are effectively layered, sometimes even with shirts and ties.  Depending on their lifestyle, many men prefer the nylon jacket with a fleece lining for in-between seasons: it repels rain, provides good insulation but will not overheat.


PANTS –  Essential essentials

If you were to pair down your wardrobe to the absolute minimum this fall, the three essentials trousers would be flat front gray wool pants, khakis and dark-wash classic jeans. A good pair of gray wool flannel pants can cary a man from business to casual situations. Plan to purchase more pants than jackets as pants tend to wear out faster. Stock up on khakis (also called chinos) in darker color for fall- you can wear them almost everywhere and combine them with almost everything! Comfortable, stylish and practical, a good pair of dark, well fitted jeans can take you from casual Friday to the weekend and IF the office dress code allows it, right to Monday morning.

BOOTS – Dressy yet Casual

Buy a pair  in the best quality you can afford, that combines well your pants and outfits. Avoid the styles that are too dressy or the styles that are too rugged and casual. Black will give you more flexibility, but dark brown will add more chic to your look. Don’t forget the matching belt!


2 Responses to “Men’s Autumn Essentials”

  1. 1 Russell Cullingworth
    October 8, 2010 at 6:01 am

    Thanks for the advice. I really like that tan V-neck pullover sweater. Now I have to go shopping 🙂

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