Royal Wedding Attire

 There is a Royal wedding in the works and the excitement is already building in frenetic fashion. Part of the intrigue with a royal wedding is the formality – the age old traditions and protocol.  This royal  couple however, is known and admired for their ability to adopt a more casual, yet respectful approach to the traditions. William and Kate’s wedding is expected to reflect their own personal touch and as such, should be a romantic and relatively down to earth affair. 

As with most, if not all, royal events, the dress code will be clearly set. “Morning Dress” will most  likely be the code for the day: men wear a black cutaway “morning coat”  with black striped grey trousers, a buff or pearl grey waistcoat and shirt and tie (sometimes ascot).  William himself will be wearing his dress occasion military uniform.

The ladies always seem to have more choice which is both fun and daunting. “Morning Dress” for women is less specific but indicates a conservative dress or skirt suit. Pants suits are acceptable but must be in one colour with full length trousers but it is quite unlikely you will see them worn by women at a Royal wedding. Hats are de rigeur at a Royal wedding and pose an opportunity for some whimsy and personal expression. 

 Kate Middleton has attended a number of weddings herself in recent years and who better to show what would be considered respectful and stylish wardrobe choices for a formal daytime wedding … her choices all reflect simplicity and good taste and best of all, a perfect fit.





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