Post a Letter Social Activity Club

“Imagine a day when every personal e-mail you receive is in the form of a piece of mail, in envelopes of different sizes, papers of different colours and textures, handwriting of varying degrees of legibility. Wouldn’t that be pretty nice for a change?”

A small writing campaign is gaining momentum on its mission “to promote letter writing as a social and political tool, as well as a powerful generator of love, surprises, anticipation, relaxation and fun!” and we think it’s a great thing! Post a letter social activity club is the inspiration of Angel Chen of Toronto, Ontario and beginning in early 2009 she has sought to organize a regular space and time to encourage people to come together and write letters in eachother’s company.  “Show up and write a letter or two with a group of other people also writing letters. By letters, we mean anything that involves the postal system: a postcard, a personal letter, a political letter, a package, a special occasion card, fan mail, mail art, prank mail, or something experimental.”   Events are presently taking place in Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Copenhagen and I’m sure new locales will be joining the list soon. Visit the website and learn how to start your own event. We`d love to see more handwritten communication and wish them well!

CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition featured the post a letter social activity club in its recent feature Mail Myself to You. (click to listen)


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