Summer Essentials

Unless you’ve been basking in the sun with a little umbrella in your drink these last few weeks chances are you’ve stumbled into a mall and collided with the racks brimming with discounted summer clothing paraded in front of every store.

Once in, yes, you’ve been tempted…

The 50% off V-neck is so cute! And look: there’s one in purple too! Great deal, I’ll buy three! Hmm…not my size? It’s OK, they look like they fit small anyway…

We’ve all been there so don’t worry! Next time you find yourself seduced by seemingly irresistible bargains turn to this list of SUMMER ESSENTIALS – if you have to capitulate, then do it in style and with a plan! Also, you’ll get your hands on something you actually need. For half the price!

But… as with all too-good-to-be true things in life, yes, there is a catch: in exchange for this shopping list, you have to promise you will NEVER EVER do the unthinkable again – buy the wrong size that is.


  •   Versatile sundress
  •   T-shirts in neutrals
  •     Cotton tank + camisole
  •     Short-sleeve blouse
  •     White jeans + khakis
  •     Cropped pants
  •     2 shorts: 1 dressy, 1 casual
  •     Feminine, fitted blazer
  •     Short casual jacket
  •     Lightweight cardigan
  •     2 A-line, straight or full skirts for work
  •     Denim casual skirt
  •     Trench coat
  •     Evening wrap
  •     Updated sneakers
  •     Flat sandals
  •     Open-heel or peep-toe pump
  •     Lightweight work tote
  •     Straw bag
  •     Summer evening clutch
  •       2 swimsuits
  •       Cover-up

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