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Dining Etiquette 101

This poster is a perfect summary of the essentials in Dining Skills as we present them in our programs. Unfortunately, despite a concerted effort, we have been unable to locate an original source for it. Do let us know so we can give credit where credit is due!

We continue to hear of the importance of making a good impression at the dining table, particularly in business.  We’ve also heard reports of dining disasters from the dating world. With Back to School in the air why not familiarize yourself with the essentials of dining etiquette so you can “make” rather than “break” the deal at the table.


Fashion Through the Decades


Harper’s Bazaar has been a leading style resource for women since 1867. This collection of beautiful Harper’s magazine covers reflects a range of fashion and beauty trends from the early 1900’s to the 20’s and 30’s.

The entire collection of vintage art prints is available at



Understanding Retail Image with Paco Underhill

As a change in season approaches many of you may find yourselves drawn to the shops to survey the new looks and perhaps commit to a few new pieces for your wardrobe. Image awareness is at play as selections are made to enhance one’s personal style and to project a particular impression. But have you ever considered the image of the shop itself? Maybe not consciously but most certainly you have made decisions about your experience and your buying behaviours based on the impact of a retail environment’s image.

This topic fascinates us here at the Image Builders as our work involves both helping the consumer optimize his or her image as well as guiding businesses into optimizing their identity for corresponding success.

Paco Underhill is an expert in understanding the relationship between the consumer and his or her needs and the success or failure of retail environments to recognize and adapt to these needs. He is the founder of a company called EnviroSell and counts many of the most popular retail organizations as his clients.

He has written several books – all engaging reads – sharing his professional insights. Click on each cover to learn more. We guarantee your shopping excursions will be seen from a fresh perspective.



The Perfect Beach Tote!

August is already here and for many of us, days at the beach this summer are numbered. By now, chances are you have your go-to swimming suits and oversized sun hats for this season. But if you are still on the hunt for the perfect beach tote, you’re not alone. There are so many things to consider when you look for THE ONE: size, style, color, price, versatility, texture, etc.

Here are some tips before you launch your mission:

  • invest in a good quality bag that will last a long time
  • shop online or at your favourite boutiques
  • versatility is key: look for a tote that you can carry during every season
  • while patterns are fun, opt for a solid color if you are looking for an all-season bag
  • choose a smooth texture if your tote will span all seasons
  • while designers have been leaning toward more compact, small bags in recent seasons, the beach tote is generally the exception – the bigger the better!
  • look for a stylish but functional bag – the perfect beach tote has a few interior pockets to store those sensible items and is made out of a waterproof material.

If you’ve already found THE ONE, please, do share! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Some of our favourites:

Folded Big Shopper by Calvin Klein Jeans by Calvin Klein, $118.95

Original Flea by Fleabags, $440, available at Need Supply Co.

Camargue Tote Bag by Diane Von Furstenberg, $100, available at Zappos

Mariner Tote by L.L. Bean, $285, available at L.L. Bean.

Market Tote by Banana Republic, $120, available at Banana Republic

Blue Arcade Duchess by Jonathan Adler, $178, available at Jonathan Adler.



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