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Should Magazines And Modelling Be Banned For Kids Under 18?

(From The Huffington Post Canada    First Posted: January 20, 2012 12:10 PM )

Magazine covers seem to be getting sexier. And while the models gracing the pages are seemingly showing more and more skin, they also seem to be getting younger. Kaia Gerber, daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber is the latest baby-face to land a modelling gig, becoming the new face of Young Versace — the Italian brand’s label for kids.

And though Crawford seems nothing but thrilled her little doppelganger is making her modelling debut at the tender age of 10, the whole thing has us wondering whether the modelling world should put an age restriction on how young is too young to model.

We’ve seen Thylane Blondeau pose seductively for French Vogue, Prada uses underage models in a 80-second promotional video and 17-year-old Dakota Fanning grace the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine (looking oddly airbrushed). Though Bonnie Fuller, former editor-in-chief of the girly magazine, is urging prudes to get their  “knickers out of knots” others, are calling on the fashion industry to be cautious about what they expose children to.

Former fashion model Nicole Weider, has started a petition calling for fashion mags, specifically Cosmo, to be packaged in a non-transparent cover and to only be sold to girls over 18. According to The Daily Mail UK, Weider believes, “This magazine has the devil written all over it… and is just a vessel for that.”

Model Coco Rocha, who herself was discovered at age 14, believes young girls aren’t prepared to be treated as adults and are being instructed to act in a way they’re normally not used to.

Whether you think Weider or Rocha’s take is prudish, it’s becoming clear sexualized images and exploitation of young girls is not only having negative consequences on the children who pose for millionaire designers, but also for the children who see the ads.

So what do you think: Should magazines be banned to kids under 18 and should teen girls stop modelling for big-time designers? Or is it all a matter of parents setting firm boundaries on what their children view, buy or read?


Fur or No Fur?

It’s long been one of the furriest fashion centers in the world – but not anymore. The West Hollywood City Council is banning the sale of clothing made of animal fur; it’s believed to be the first such ban in the U.S.  CBS Los Angeles reports that the vote on Monday was the final step in prohibiting the sale of clothing made from the skins or pelts of animals with hair, fur, or wool, within city limits.

NBC LA reports the council, in a 3-1 vote, adopted the law that goes into effect in Sept. 2013.

Shannon Keith, animal rights attorney and co-organizer of Fur Free West Hollywood, told a local radio station that it’s the right move.

“Animals suffer immensely for the use of fur,” she said. “Animals are skinned alive, they’re beaten, they’re stomped on, they’re gassed…it’s a horrible thing all in the name of vanity.”

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), praised West Hollywood, calling it “just the latest compassionate action for the city.”

Councilman John D’Amico first introduced the ban in May, and afterwards the Fur Information Council of America released a study showing that out of 209 clothing stores in the city, 91 of them carried clothing or accessories made with animal fur.

The board of the “Avenues: Art, Fashion and Design District” claims the ban will limit the city’s reputation for creative expression in high fashion. The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce opposed the ban as well.  (CBS Los Angeles)

What do YOU think?


Style News – Celebrating Curves!

Vogue Italia – June 2011 Cover

(Photo by Steven Meisel)

Vogue Italia’s June issue celebrates curvy models, with a trio of plus-sized models posing for the cover in sexy lingerie.

Also, Vogue Italia editor-in chief Franca Sozzani launched the online only Vogue Curvy back in February. The website features style tips, trends and praises the beauty of women who have a little meat on their bones.

More recently, the Italian Fashion Editor launched a petition against pro-anorexia websites on her blog. She cites a recent study from the University of Haifa in which a group of 248 girls, ages 12 to 19, were surveyed on their Internet and television intake and asked about their eating habits and weight loss methods.

From the Press Release:

” The results showed that the more time girls spend on Facebook, the more they suffered conditions of bulimia, anorexia, physical dissatisfaction, negative physical self-image, negative approach to eating and more of an urge to be on a weight-loss diet. Extensive online exposure to fashion and music content showed similar tendencies, but manifested in fewer types of eating disorders. As such, the more the exposure to fashion content on the Internet, the higher a girl’s chances of developing anorexia. A similar direct link was found between viewing gossip- and leisure-related television programs (the likes of “Gossip Girl”) and eating disorders in adolescent girls. The study also revealed that the level of personal empowerment in these girls is negatively linked to eating disorders, such that the higher the level of empowerment, the more positive the physical self-image and the lower the chances of developing an eating disorder.”


Sozzani writes:

“Models, as I have underlined before, are in most cases naturally long, lean and slender being still very young and still not fully developed. The image they convey, however, is often that of an excessive thinness, but designers themselves discard those who are visibly suffering from nutritional problems. This is a topic that has been often discussed with false prejudice against fashion when nobody was left to blame.

Yet now we find out that not only the girls’ parents or fashion, or models are to be blamed. The more time you spend logged in Facebook the more chance you have to become anorexic. Reading the article it looked like the social network was guilty of showing virtual role models that girls tend to imitate. Wrong, and sometimes even fake models, the result of photoshop alterations. The younger tend to feel inadequate as regards such models and put their health at stake trying to imitate them. They accept messages passively and adjust to them. Sometimes destroying their lives.”

Sozzani also mentions the recent death of Isabelle Caro, who struggled with anorexia from the time she was 13 and adds that pro-anorexia blogs are even more dangerous than Facebook — “There [are] countless of them and their number is growing in America.”

To sign’s petition to shut down pro-anorexia websites and blogs click here.


Holiday Trends

Wondering what to wear for the holidays?
Opt for three basic trends:
– Sparkles (shoes, bags, pants, sequin jacket)
– The detailed Little Black Dress
– Bold bracelets

Royal Wedding Attire

 There is a Royal wedding in the works and the excitement is already building in frenetic fashion. Part of the intrigue with a royal wedding is the formality – the age old traditions and protocol.  This royal  couple however, is known and admired for their ability to adopt a more casual, yet respectful approach to the traditions. William and Kate’s wedding is expected to reflect their own personal touch and as such, should be a romantic and relatively down to earth affair. 

As with most, if not all, royal events, the dress code will be clearly set. “Morning Dress” will most  likely be the code for the day: men wear a black cutaway “morning coat”  with black striped grey trousers, a buff or pearl grey waistcoat and shirt and tie (sometimes ascot).  William himself will be wearing his dress occasion military uniform.

The ladies always seem to have more choice which is both fun and daunting. “Morning Dress” for women is less specific but indicates a conservative dress or skirt suit. Pants suits are acceptable but must be in one colour with full length trousers but it is quite unlikely you will see them worn by women at a Royal wedding. Hats are de rigeur at a Royal wedding and pose an opportunity for some whimsy and personal expression. 

 Kate Middleton has attended a number of weddings herself in recent years and who better to show what would be considered respectful and stylish wardrobe choices for a formal daytime wedding … her choices all reflect simplicity and good taste and best of all, a perfect fit.





HELLO! Canada Celebrates Style in Keepsake Issue

HELLO! Canada pays tribute to the most sophisticated and sublime icons of style, both past and present
Coco Channel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney, Madonna, Lady Gaga. These highly recognizable stars all have one uncommon thing in common: they possess an enduring and awe-inspiring sense of style.

These  icons are just a few of the high-style celebrities featured in HELLO! Canada!’s Style Icons inaugural special issue. In a mix of old-world glamour and modern-day celebrity, this glorious 116-page issue is rich with beautiful photographs, fascinating facts – and memorable quotes, including:

– “I have to choose simple clothes. Nothing fussy is becoming to me.”  Grace Kelly
– “I still regret wearing a black wedding dress.” Sarah Jessica Parker
– “Her power was to fascinate. She crossed the populist with the regal.” Valentino on Jacqueline Kennedy

From who wore it first to who’s making it work today, HELLO! Canada Style Icons celebrates all of the stars whose inimitable sense of style has influenced and directed the worlds of fashion and films.



– Audrey Hepburn’s son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer tells the story of his mother’s inimitable style
– Coco Channel Breaks All the Rules by fashion writer Nathalie Atkinson
– Grace Kelly’s Elegance Lives On in Hollywood



Photos- Rogers Digital Media 2010 All Rights Reserved


The Sartorialist – What Real (Cool) People Wear in Real Life



Scott Schuman just wanted to take photographs of people that he met on the streets of New York whom he felt looked great.
His now-famous and much-loved blog, , is his showcase for the wonderful and varied sartorial tastes of real people across the globe. 

His book The Sartorialist is a beautiful anthology of Scott’s favorite images, accompanied by his insightful commentary. It includes photographs of well-known fashion figures alongside people encountered on the street whose personal style and taste demand a closer look.




On the Street…Out of Nowhere, Paris



From the streets of New York to the parks of Florence, from Stockholm to Paris, from London to Moscow and Milan, these are the men and women who have inspired Scott and the many diverse and fashionable readers of his blog. After fifteen years in the fashion business, Scott Schuman felt a growing disconnect between what he saw on the runways and in magazines, and what real people were wearing. The Sartorialist was his attempt to redress the balance. Since its beginning, the blog has become hugely admired and influential in the fashion industry and beyond. is consistently named one of the top blogs in the world. He has been named as one of Time magazine’s top 100 design influencers.



On the Street…Out of Nowhere, Milano


PS. Check out the vintage photos contest on!




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