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Time For A New Coat?

When was the last time you took a good, long look at your everyday coat? Does it fit you properly? Does it fit over bulky clothing? Does it fit your lifestyle? For many women, the answer is “no.”

What does your coat say about you? That you mean business regardless of the weather? Or that outerwear is an afterthought?  If a new coat is on your wish list this Christmas, think only of three things: purpose, lifestyle, and budget.


What will the coat be used for? Work? Taxiing kids in cold weather? Skiing? If you begin with the purpose in mind, you’ll have a lot better success in finding what you need.

Long wool coats work well over dresses and business attire, for example, but hip-length coats are better if you’re constantly in and out of the car. Ski coats need to be warm and waterproof while dirty work coats need to be easily washed. Think about what you’ll be doing to find the best coat for the job.



How many coats do you need? It depends on your lifestyle. For most people, one dress coat and one casual coat fits most of their needs. But if you live in a climate with four distinct seasons or if you attend a lot of different activities (work, sporting events, and charity balls) your outerwear wardrobe increases.  Also, if you travel a lot, different climates call for different coat weights. Bottom line: build your outerwear wardrobe based on your lifestyle needs and you will always be appropriately dressed.


Coats can be expensive, and you may not be able to afford all the different coats you’d like to have to fill out your outerwear wardrobe. That’s okay. Look at your primary needs first, then set a goal to fill in as your budget allows.  What is the most versatile coat that offers the biggest bang for your money? A classic trench with a zip out liner. It can handle cold, rain, casual, or business with equal finesse, and it folds up nicely for compact storage. But remember! Buy your coat in the best quality you can possibly afford – it will last longer and look better!


Your Fall Shopping List

It may not feel like Fall, but the calendar warns, “Don’t be fooled, it’s here!”

Wonder what pieces you need to add to your wardrobe this season? We’ve put together a list of essentials for you to consider this fall. However, before heading out to the mall, make sure you audit your closet and eliminate any items that are dated, worn out or that haven’t been used in a year.

After the wardrobe clean-up, it’s time to fill in the gaps with new items that reflect your personal style, your body type, your skintone colour and your lifestyle.


  • Little Black Dress
  • Jersey Wrap Dress
  • Turtleneck, v-neck + cardigan sweater
  • White shirt, silk blouse
  • Boot-cut black pants
  • Flat-front wool trousers
  • Chinos or cords
  • 1 dressy, 1 casual pair of jeans
  • A-line or pleated skirt
  • Pencil or straight skirt
  • 2 wool blazers
  • All seasons wool pantsuit
  • Classic long winter coat
  • Casual all-weather winter jacket
  • Black pumps + kitten heels
  • Knee boots + ankle boots
  • Roomy work tote or hobo
  • Structured bag
  • Evening clutch



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