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Pretty Powerful!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics launched a campaign this spring called Pretty Powerful, featuring photos and videos of real women, in-store at Bobbi Brown Studios and online. Bobbi was inspired by real women, a first for a prestige beauty brand.

Pretty Powerful symbolizes Bobbi’s belief that all women possess natural beauty, and with the right tools, are empowered to a higher level of pretty. The campaign has captured their before and after photos, videos and testimonials as its centerpiece content.

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We at The Image Builders, as devoted messengers of  NATURAL BEAUTY  and as fans of everything Bobbi Brown, would like to ask you to share what makes YOU feel Pretty Powerful.  We look forward to your thoughts!

Here is what some of Bobbi’s friends shared:


Medical Staff Require Training on Intercultural Awareness!


Medical staff require professional interpreters and specific training on intercultural awareness, a recent study published in the open access journal BMC Health Services Research suggests. The authors reveal that doctors are dissatisfied with the treatment they provide to their non-native patients, and that they cite cultural differences and language barriers as the key factors causing the disappointment with the level of care that they provide.

Birgit Babitsch from the Berlin Institute of Gender in Medicine in Germany, and co-workers from Berlin and the UK, gathered the results of questionnaires completed by doctors working in the internal medicine and gynaecology departments of three Berlin hospitals. The responses were then narrowed down to those relating to native Germans and those of Turkish origin and analysed in conjunction with the patients’ medical records. Over 2400 doctor questionnaires and corresponding patient records were finally analyzed.

The researchers found that doctors’ dissatisfaction with the patient-doctor relationship was much greater with regard to their Turkish patients. The two main reasons given were communication difficulties and the doctors’ perceptions that the Turkish patients did not always require urgent treatment. Around 20% of doctors were dissatisfied with the course of treatment for Turkish patients, compared to 10% for German patients. Minor differences were found in doctors’ satisfaction with regard to the patient’s gender.

Dr Babitsch states: “The use of professional interpreters for improved communication and the training of medical staff for improved intercultural competence are essential for the provision of adequate health care in a multicultural setting.”


10 Tips on How to Dress at the Office This Summer



Summer’s coming!  Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do was lie around on a shady patio with a cool drink in your hand? Then a pair of shorts, a tank top and flip-flops would be fine.
But most of us still have to look presentable for work, travel and all summer’s many social occasions.
Here are 10 tips on how dress to beat the summer heat while maintaining a professional look in your workplace:

  1. Dress codes vary from industries, corporate cultures, etc., so gauge the level of formality by observing how your supervisors dress in the office. Then try a similar outfit and add your personal style to the look.
  2. The hazy lazy mode of summer doesn’t mean you can be a slob. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. It’s a must for all work seasons.
  3. Light fabrics are in! You can layer several light fabrics made of silk, cotton, linen, etc. to be comfortable under the heat and the office air conditioner. Many pieces now have Lycra added to improve the way they fit on the body. Some have also been treated with wrinkle-resistant solutions so you don’t look like a crumpled Kleenex by the end of the day.
  4.  Be suitable. If you have to go to the office, consider a short suit – a cropped jacket and Bermuda-length shorts work in more situations and on more body types than you might think.
  5. No flip flops! Save them for your next visit to the beach. Ladies, no open-toe shoes at the office and gentlemen, please wear socks with your loafers or shoes no matter how hot it is. Heels may be sexy, but make sure they are not too high. When your feet swell and sweat in the heat, they can be pretty uncomfortable. Flats are just as fashionable and way more comfortable if your office dress code allows it.
  6. Summer business casual clothing do not include pieces such as short shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, halters, low-cut or sheer blouses, t-shirts and jogging suits. Period.
  7. White is right. It reflects light, which helps you stay cool. Make it modern by mixing it with splashes of bright colour.
  8. Stay loose. All those easy, breezy empire waists, smock tops, A-line skirts and floaty dresses go almost anywhere on hot summer days.
  9.  Wear a sleeveless top when you’re outside in the blistering heat; pop a jacket over it when you head back inside to the sub-arctic air-conditioning of your office or to cover you up when your boss or an important client calls for an emergency meeting.
  10. When it comes to makeup, all you need is a sweep of black eyeliner, a bit of lip gloss and a touch of bronzer. Heavy makeup looks all wrong for summer and it might melt off your face by lunchtime. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Classy Book!


Lindsay Lohan tweets to thousands about her ta-tas. Heidi Montag gets plastic surgery and CNN reports. It’s the age of poorly behaved, panty-flashing train wrecks. As a social chronicler for many New York publications, Derek Blasberg’s seen it all. “I’m shocked by how many supposedly sophisticated girls don’t know their water glass from their wine, or who believe menstrual cycles are appropriate cocktail conversation,” says the 27-year-old New York University grad from Missouri. Now Blasberg’s compiled everything he’s learned from Hollywood, fashion, and high society in Classy, a guide to becoming a true lady. “Modern society has put such an emphasis on inappropriate behavior that it seemed like the right time to remind young women how to behave,” Blasberg says.  We agree!

 Have fun reading about 21st century manners and let us know your thoughts!





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